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inaccel bitstream parse

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Parse FPGA binary build-metadata


inaccel bitstream parse [command options]


Name, shorthand Default Description
--input, -i /dev/stdin The bitstream binary build-metadata source
--output, -o /dev/stdout The bistream specification target
--format json Choose the print format between JSON and XML

Parent command-

Command Description
inaccel bitstream Manages bitstream repositories


Extract the bitstream specification...-

  • ...from an Intel binary file (.aocx)-

aocl binedit binary.aocx print .acl.kernel_arg_info.xml | \
    inaccel parse -o bitstream.json

  • ...from a Xilinx binary file (.xclbin)-

echo -n "BUILD_METADATA CONNECTIVITY IP_LAYOUT" | xargs --delimiter " " --replace \
xclbinutil --input binary.xclbin --dump-section {}:JSON:>(cat) --force &> /dev/null | \
    inaccel parse -o bitstream.json