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docker inaccel (base subcommand)



Simplifying FPGA management in Docker


docker inaccel [OPTIONS] COMMAND


Name, shorthand Default Description
--env, -e Set environment variables
--env-file Specify an alternate environment file
--profile Specify a profile to enable
--project-name, -p inaccel/fpga-operator Specify an alternate project name
--pull Always attempt to pull a newer version of the project
--tag, -t latest Specify the project tag to use
--version, -v Print version information and quit

Child commands-

Command Description
docker inaccel config Validate and view the config file
docker inaccel down Stop and remove containers and networks
docker inaccel exec Execute a command in a running container
docker inaccel logs View output from containers
docker inaccel ps List containers
docker inaccel run Run a one-off command
docker inaccel up Create and start containers

Last update: December 14, 2021