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Coral - FPGA Manager#

All the magic of seamless acceleration could not be viable without InAccel's FPGA Manager (Coral). The Manager is responsible for a bunch of operations from scheduling tasks and evenly distributing workloads to the FPGAs, to receiving requests for acceleration and performing all the necessary actions (allocate/free FPGA memory, transfer data etc.) to guarantee an unprecedented acceleration experience.

Accelerating tasks easier than ever before!

All you need is to allocate the buffers for your data to be stored and send a request to Coral using the Manager's Java API.

Containerized Environment#

Dockers are widely used nowadays because they provide easy deployment and isolation. Our Manager is fully shipped in a Docker container and is ready to be deployed at your system in a single step.
Just pull our Docker from the Docker Hub and start it. Everything is set up for you. Just write your application and let its acceleration in our hands.

Simple deployment

InAccel docker not only contains the FPGA Manager framework but it also has pre-installed all the runtime drivers and dependencies needed for a flawless acceleration.

Scale Out#

InAccel FPGA Manager is able to sclae out to hundreds of FPGAs. You do not have to worry about complicated configurations, our manager does the job for you. As soon as your system provides more than one FPGA devices, our manager captures it and is able to send workloads to all the FPGAs present and evenly distribute tasks.