FPGA Resource Manager C++ API  1.3
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CInAccelThis class implements the interface between an application and the Coral FPGA resource manager
 CJVMJava VM creation class
 CMatrixFundamental matrix attributes
 CSharedAbstractMatrixA shared abstract matrix
 CSharedAbstractVectorA shared abstract vector
 CSharedByteMatrixA shared byte matrix
 CSharedByteVectorA shared byte vector
 CSharedDoubleMatrixA shared double matrix
 CSharedDoubleVectorA shared double vector
 CSharedFloatMatrixA shared float matrix
 CSharedFloatVectorA shared float vector
 CSharedIntMatrixA shared int matrix
 CSharedIntVectorA shared int vector
 CSharedLongMatrixA shared long matrix
 CSharedLongVectorA shared long vector
 CSharedShortMatrixA shared short matrix
 CSharedShortVectorA shared short vector
 CVectorFundamental vector attributes