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Supported FPGA Vendors-

We support both Xilinx and Intel FPGAs

Right now there are two major FPGA vendors, Xilinx and Intel (Altera). We support both FPGA families and all the FPGA platforms they provide.

Supported Cloud Platforms-

Find us in every Cloud Computing Platform supporting FPGA instances

As FPGAs become more and more necessary to everyday compute tasks, an increasing number of Cloud Computing providers have added FPGA instances to their cloud services. Amazon, Alibaba and Huawei have already deployed such instances.

Inaccel accelerators can run on all availavble Cloud Computing Platforms.

InAccel, is among the first companies in the Amazon Marketplace to provide hardware accelerators to the public via its Marketplace. We are also preparing and testing our accelerators for Alibaba cloud and soon enough we will have available our accelerators not only in the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace but also in Huawei Cloud Marketplace.