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Machine Learning-

Below you can see the list of accelerator cores for ML applications:

Available Accelerators Coming Soon
KMeans LDA
Logistic Regression

Depending on the accelerator, you can get up to 90x speedup speedup compared to a single thread software-only solution.

The model specifications for the above accelerators are as follow:

Max Features : 2047
Max Classes  : 64
Max Features : 1023
Max Clusters : 16384
Max Rank: 512
Non Applicable


Almost every company from small ones to stock exchange markets use financial applications to shape risk analysis models.

For that reason we have implemented a hardware accelerated version of a widely used algorithm, Black-Scholes. A user is able to get results 1000x faster and is able to take critical decisions and act much faster than ever before.


Cryptographic technology has always been a field of great interest. Encryption and decryption is a widely used technique for almost everything happening in computer systems. It is a very sensitive factor for securing your data and your work.

InAccel helps you secure your data with an accelerated version of AES-256 that is able to encrypt your data 50 times faster than a software-only solution.


We live in a world surrounded by data. Data grows exponentially. It is critical to find ways of diminishing its huge amount and this is why compression is a very hot field in the era of computing.

Stay tuned as we work tightly to make publicly available our first accelerated compression algorithm.