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The following application examples demonstrate how to use Coral FPGA Resource Manager, to automatically scale your accelerated solutions using in-house or 3rd-party accelerators, from high-level programming languages.

1. Prerequisites-

  • Docker Community Edition (CE)

  • FPGA Runtime (Intel or Xilinx)

  • Git | OpenJDK (Java Development Kit) 8 | Maven

  • OpenCV 3.4.2

Amazon F1

Find InAccel Default Image, equipped with all the required development tools (and many more), available free on EC2 Community AMIs section.

2. Download InAccel release-

git clone inaccel && cd inaccel

Computer Vision-


The Computer vision accelerators (FPGA bitstreams/kernels) used for the purposes of this demonstation are written by developers at Xilinx.


Fetching accelerators from InAccel Store-

inaccel bitstream install
inaccel bitstream install
inaccel bitstream install
inaccel bitstream install

Launching InAccel Coral-

To start inaccel coral container:

inaccel coral start


To install InAccel (CLI + Container Runtime) please refer to the Get InAccel guide.

Building the Examples-

To build the example programs, run:

mvn -f examples/coral/pom.xml package

Running the Examples-

Run Affine Application [src]

bin/run-coral-example vision.Affine data/vision

Run Convolve Application [src]

bin/run-coral-example vision.Convolve data/vision

Run EdgeDetection Application [src]

bin/run-coral-example vision.EdgeDetection data/vision