FPGA Resource Manager C++ API  1.8
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
 CallocatorCustom allocator intended for std::vector
 Cargument< _Tp, typename std::enable_if< is_specialization< _Tp, inaccel::vector >::value >::type >
 Cargument< _Tp, typename std::enable_if< is_specialization< _Tp, std::basic_string >::value >::type >
 Cargument< _Tp, typename std::enable_if< is_specialization< _Tp, std::vector >::value >::type >
 Cargument_apiA virtual struct to match all types of arguments
 Cconst_handler_iterator< bool >
 Chandler< bool >
 Chandler_iterator< bool >
 Cis_specialization< Ref< Args... >, Ref >
 Citerator_base< bool >
 CrequestA high-level class to represent accelerated functions
 Cargument< generic >A struct to match all arguments that are not std vectors, std strings or inaccel vectors
 Cargument< inaccel::vector >A struct to match all inaccel vectors
 Cargument< std::string >A struct to match all std strings
 Cargument< std::vector >A struct to match all std vectors