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Available Accelerators

Machine Learning#

In the field of the Machine Learning (ML) we have created accelerators for the training part of LogisticRegression and KMeans algorithms that can achieve up to 30x speedup compared to a single thread software-only solution.

The models that can be trained must have the following maximum specifications:

Accelerators Features Classes / Clusters
Logistic Regression 2047 64
KMeans 1023 32


Almost every company from small ones to stock exchange markets use financial applications to shape risk analysis models.

For that reason we have implemented a hardware accelerated version of a widely used algorithm, Black-Scholes. A user is able to get results 1000x faster and is able to take critical decisions and act much faster than ever before.


Cryptographic technology has always been a field of great interest. Encryption and decryption is a widely used technique for almost everything happening in computer systems. It is a very sensitive factor for securing your data and your work.

InAccel helps you secure your data with an accelerated version of AES-256 that is able to encrypt your data 50 times faster than a software-only solution.