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Quick & easy setup-


In testing and development environments, some users choose to use the automated convenience script to setup InAccel repository.

Setup using the convenience script-

InAccel provides a convenience script at for setting up InAccel repository into development environments quickly and non-interactively. Using this script is not recommended for production environments, and you should understand the potential risks before you use them:

  • The script requires root or sudo privileges to run. Therefore, you should carefully examine and audit the scripts before running them.

  • The script attempts to detect your Linux distribution and configure your package management system for you. This may lead to an unsupported configuration, either from InAccel’s point of view or from your own organization’s guidelines and standards.

  • The script installs all dependencies and recommendations of the package manager without asking for confirmation. This may install a large number of packages, depending on the current configuration of your host machine.

This example uses the script at to setup the InAccel repository on Linux.


Always examine scripts downloaded from the internet before running them locally.

curl -sS -o
sudo sh

Last update: August 25, 2020