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Definition of: Coral-

InAccel Coral is a distributed acceleration framework designed to orchestrate clusters of FPGAs. It abstracts away the FPGA resources (device, memory), enabling fault-tolerant heterogeneous distributed systems to easily be built and run effectively.

The main concepts behind Coral are:

  • Ease of Use

    Write applications quickly in C++, Java, Scala and Python.

  • Generality

    Build your own repository of accelerators.

  • Scalability

    Industry proven to easily scale to unlimited FPGA resources.

  • Runs Anywhere

  • Easy to Deploy

  • Resource Management

    Automatic resource configuration and task scheduling across entire FPGA clusters in private datacenters or public cloud environments.

  • Privacy / Isolation

    Coral allows the secure sharing of the hardware resources among different users and multiple processes or threads.

  • Web UI

    Built-in Web UI for viewing cluster state, navigating in memory objects and monitoring acceleration tasks.

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Last update: August 25, 2020