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The following application examples demonstrate how to use Coral FPGA Resource Manager, to automatically scale your accelerated solutions using in-house or 3rd-party accelerators, from high-level programming languages.

InAccel provides a stack of accelerators including Machine Learning techniques, Financial formulas, SQL functions and Cryptographic algorithms. Please check InAccel Store for a complete list of the available cores.


The projects in this section enable the seamless integration of InAccel Coral with the available FPGA accelerators through high-level programming interfaces. This integration makes it possible to accelerate applications using state-of-the-art frameworks for big data analytics (like Apache Spark) requiring zero changes in your original application code.

What these projects basically do, is pairing together these two worlds providing complete accelerated solutions. From your perspective nothing has changed, except that from now on your applications will run lightning fast.

Supported FPGA Vendors-

InAccel supports both Intel and Xilinx FPGAs

Currently there are two major FPGA vendors, Xilinx and Intel (formerly Altera). InAccel solutions are built for both FPGA families and all the platforms they provide.

Supported Cloud Platforms-

Find us on every public Cloud with FPGA instances

All major cloud vendors have started deploying FPGAs in their infrastructure. InAccel is among the first companies providing production-ready solutions on Amazon, Alibaba, Nimbix and Huawei Cloud services.

Last update: November 6, 2020